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What is the meaning of stipulate in Hindi?

Meaning of stipulate in Hindi is : होड़ करना

Definition of word stipulate

  • Having stipules; that is, having outgrowths borne on either side of the base of the leafstalk. (adjective)
  • To require (something) as a condition of a contract or agreement. (verb)
  • To specify, promise or guarantee something in an agreement. (verb)
  • To acknowledge the truth of; not to challenge. (verb)

Examples of word stipulate

  • As for reading - all I would stipulate is no interruptions!
  • The result of these has been the messy reform we have on the table now, which, let’s stipulate, is better than nothing.
  • Q Joe, was there any reason to believe that the President might say more or stipulate, which is the legal term, more about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky than he has already said in the videotaped testimony?
  • "General instructions did not specifically and in clear terms stipulate the need to file I-card issued by Zila Sainik Board and that the discharge book or any other document or certificate will not suffice," the court ruled.
  • And lets "stipulate," as you lawyers say, that, for good or ill, the legal system is not equipped to deal with crimes like unleashing murder and mayhem upon the world or crashing the world economy.


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