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What is the meaning of stock in Hindi?

Meaning of stock in Hindi is : हड्डियों से बनाया जाने वाला पदार्थ

Definition of word stock

  • A store or supply (noun)
  • The capital raised by a company through the issue of shares. The total of shares held by an individual shareholder. (noun)
  • The raw material from which things are made; feedstock (noun)
  • Stock theater, summer stock theater (noun)
  • The trunk and woody main stems of a tree. The base from which something grows or branches. (noun)
  • Any of the several species of cruciferous flowers in the genus Matthiola. (noun)
  • A handle or stem to which the working part of an implement or weapon is attached (noun)
  • Part of a machine that supports items or holds them in place. (noun)
  • A bar, stick or rod (noun)
  • A bed for infants; a crib, cot, or cradle (noun)
  • A piece of wood magically made to be just like a real baby and substituted for it by magical beings. (noun)
  • Broth made from meat (originally bones) or vegetables, used as a basis for stew or soup. (noun)
  • A necktie or cravat, particularly a wide necktie popular in the eighteenth century, often seen today as a part of formal wear for horse riding competitions. (noun)
  • A piece of black cloth worn under a clerical collar. (noun)
  • A cover for the legs; a stocking (noun)
  • To have on hand for sale. (verb)
  • Of a type normally available for purchase/in stock. (adjective)
  • Having the same configuration as cars sold to the non-racing public, or having been modified from such a car. (adjective)
  • Straightforward, ordinary, very basic. (adjective)

Examples of word stock

  • As the stock market extended its dramatic rebound from the 2007-09 bear market, the $169 million Aegis Value fund, managed by Scott Barbee, was No. 1 among actively managed funds in our quarterly contest, which ranks the 12-month returns of diversified U. S.-stock funds.
  • In some cases tree size is determined by the stock and “dwarfing stock” is used to produce small, compact trees.
  • A _bond_ is evidence of debt, specifying the interest, and stating when the principal shall be paid; a _certificate of stock_ is evidence that the owner is a part-owner in the corporation or company, not a creditor, and he has no right to regain his money except by the sale of his stock, or through the winding up of the company's business.
  • The American _stock_ actors, as they term those who are not considered as _stars_, are better than our own; but were the theatres to depend upon stock actors they would be deserted -- the love of novelty is the chief inducement of the
  • Mr. Bates 'rule was, "breed in-and-in from a bad stock and you cause ruin and devastation, they must always be changing to keep even moderately in caste; but _if a good stock_ be selected, you may breed in-and-in as much as you please." [


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