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What is the meaning of stolen in Hindi?

Meaning of stolen in Hindi is : चोरी का

Definition of word stolen

  • Past participle of steal (verb)
  • That has been stolen. (adjective)

Examples of word stolen

    • And she's stolen a necklace of mine -- yes, Mr. Grieve, _stolen_ it.
    • The _fibres_ of muscles exist previously in full perfection, in the bread we eat; and when you make little round pills of the crumbs at your side, it is composed of fibres stolen from your muscles which enable the particles to stick together; and I say _stolen from your muscles_, because they are the _gluten_ which you ought to have eaten.
    • Six months after defeating Ric Flair in a technical classic to win the WWE Championship, Bret Hart had the title stolen from him by Yokozuna.
    • That was the point of having a word stolen from the gods.
    • LIBERAL is another term stolen by infidels ashamed of their own name.


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