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What is the meaning of stomach in Hindi?

Meaning of stomach in Hindi is : सहना

Definition of word stomach

  • An organ in animals that stores food in the process of digestion. (noun)
  • The belly. (noun)
  • Pride, haughtiness. (noun)
  • Appetite. (noun)
  • Desire, appetite (for something abstract). (noun)
  • To be able to tolerate (something), emotionally, physically, or mentally; to be able to stand or handle something. (verb)
  • To be angry. (verb)

Examples of word stomach

  • We notice catarrh of the stomach, ulcerative gastritis, to which patients often succumb after twenty-five years of _bad stomach_; these are the
  • I was then taken to a doctor, who at once requested me to stop working, and to take a _complete rest_, but not for the stomach, as he prescribed a severe and exacting master to stimulate the _tired and overworked stomach_ to _renewed life_, and so give the nerves plenty of pure food, as they were in need of same.
  • If the fainting have been caused by _disordered stomach_, it may be necessary to stop the supplies, and give the stomach, for a day or two, but little to do; a fast will frequently prevent the necessity of giving medicine.
  • A tube feeding into the stomach is a gastrostomy tube, or G-tube; a tube feeding into the intestines is a gastrojejunostomy tube, or GJ-tube.
  • I had the clam chowder & found it delicious … I did not get sick and normally my stomach is the first to react!


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