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What is the meaning of straightforward in Hindi?

Meaning of straightforward in Hindi is : सीधा

Definition of word straightforward

  • Proceeding in a straight course or manner; not deviating; honest; frank. (adjective)
  • In a straightforward manner. (adverb)

Examples of word straightforward

    • I found both the wine and the label straightforward and well-made: a stylish typeface and two gold squiggles.
    • The governor announced the proposal, which he called "straightforward and fair," in a press release, an email to supporters and a Twitter post Monday.
    • The lawyers for the men, however, said religion played no role in what they described as a straightforward scuffle over an accidental nudge on a train.
    • They said authorities also misinterpreted what they called a straightforward business transaction.
    • (The classic one, though not quite straightforward, is a trust agreement.)