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What is the meaning of strained in Hindi?

Meaning of strained in Hindi is : विकृत

Definition of word strained

  • Forced through a strainer. (adjective)
  • Under tension; tense. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of strain. (verb)

Examples of word strained

  • His dark hair was matted with sweat, his expression strained and empty, the expression of release.
  • Finally she turned to him, with her lovely face wan, her expression strained.
  • “Right,” Brianna says, and Ryan pulls away from her, his expression strained, still not looking at me as he mutters, “I gotta go,” and walks off.
  • LOTHIAN: Last month, President Obama used a video to speak directly to the Iranian people about improving what he called a strained relationship.
  • For example, you said that the muscle strain -- that a muscle strain, which you called a strained glut (ph), could have led to the problem.


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