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What is the meaning of strategy in Hindi?

Meaning of strategy in Hindi is : रण कौशल

Definition of word strategy

  • The science and art of military command as applied to the overall planning and conduct of warfare. (noun)
  • A plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. (noun)
  • The art of using similar techniques in politics or business. (noun)

Examples of word strategy

  • The goal of this ploy the term strategy does not apply here is not to improve odds of winning, but instead to create a safety net for “Rusty”—the player who claims to be “out of practice” and who predicts his own defeat.
  • Thus, we shall use the term strategy formation in the rest of this book, not because strategies have to be purely emergent but simply to allow for the fact that they can be, or, more realistically, almost inevitably partially are.
  • This weird Palin strategy is right out of the RoveRepub play book.
  • But, according to the same Washington Post report, "no major change in strategy is expected in December."
  • While no major change in strategy is expected in December, critics could use the latest assessments to argue that the continued investment of American resources and lives is misguided, particularly when the main impediment to progress that analysts cite is beyond American control.


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