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What is the meaning of straying in Hindi?

Meaning of straying in Hindi is :

Definition of word straying

  • Present participle of stray. (verb)

Examples of word straying

  • Does Vitter realize that he is the poster child of Republicans straying from the their values?
  • This was intermittently very annoying, as you couldn't help straying from the words to the laughs, and Sissay also sometimes acted out lines (men walking "like they were pushing a wheelbarrow"), which is a but useless on radio.
  • It's Election Day and with the polls still open, pundits aplenty are predetermining the election outcome as a pack, with few free thinkers straying from the herd.
  • For some reason, them straying from the books doesn't bother me as much as it usually does in other movies and such.
  • But its College GameDay show, which each Saturday is staged from big-game sites, is straying from the playbook.


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