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What is the meaning of strenuous in Hindi?

Meaning of strenuous in Hindi is : सोत्साह

Definition of word strenuous

  • Urgent, ardent, zealous. (adjective)
  • Requiring great exertion. (adjective)

Examples of word strenuous

    • Davutoglu spoke at length about what he described as strenuous efforts by Turkey and Brazil to meet the terms of a letter Obama sent to Erdogan and Brazil's president, outlining the terms of the deal to fuel a research reactor.
    • Members of the VIP protection unit in Gauteng have threatened to down tools over what they describe as strenuous working conditions and ill-treatment.
    • Your child should rest the joint for 24 hours and may not participate in strenuous activity for one week.
    • Objections were strenuous from the Chinese, and totally ignored.
    • The memo listed the potential side effects of ephedra and stressed that the HHS warning was directed to "athletes and those who engage in strenuous physical activities."