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What is the meaning of striatal in Hindi?

Meaning of striatal in Hindi is :

Definition of word striatal

  • Pertaining to the corpus striatum. (adjective)

Examples of word striatal

  • If there is a bonus in the paycheck, this higher value will be reflected in striatal activity.
  • As surely as Riviera does, now, as he lies paralyzed beside the stump of a wall in the apartments of my Lady 3Jane Marie-France, his nigra-striatal system unable to produce the dopamine receptors that could save him from Hideo's arrow.
  • Irie, K., and Wurtman, R.J. Effects of phenylalanine on the release of endogenous dopamine from rat striatal slices.
  • So, what appears to be the case is that affected KE family members 'language difficulties result from a mutation in the FOXP2 gene, which results in abnormal development of the striatal, cerebellar and cortical areas necessary for the sequencing and coordination of speech-related movements of the mouth, tongue and possibly larynx;
  • MRI scans of affected family members showing reduced gray matter density in these areas support this hypothesis, as do fMRI scans showing abnormal striatal and cortical activation during receptive and active language processing (Belton et al. 2003; Liegeois, et al. 2003.)


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