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What is the meaning of stripping in Hindi?

Meaning of stripping in Hindi is : विपट्टन

Definition of word stripping

  • Present participle of strip. (verb)
  • The act of one who strips. (noun)

Examples of word stripping

  • We all know how important the weather stripping is on a door to keep the air out and the warmth in, but with Energy Star rated doors, more attention is focused on the weather stripping giving you a much tighter seal then older doors.
  • Several of the men were involved in stripping stolen cars and selling the parts to raise money for the group.
  • Specialists in stripping us of what we could live, experiment, and know beyond our borders, the officials of the DIE tell me that I am not authorized to travel "for the time being."
  • They fight not for WV-style rural populism but for the elimination of the estate tax and for stripping from the EPA the right to regulate emissions.
  • And stripping is a different issue than prostitution, though the work can perhaps intersect in some places, as someone observed up-thread.