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What is the meaning of stroking in Hindi?

Meaning of stroking in Hindi is :

Definition of word stroking

  • Present participle of stroke. (verb)
  • The act by which something is stroked. (noun)
  • The act of laying small gathers in cloth in regular order. (noun)

Examples of word stroking

  • It reads like you are more interested in stroking your ego than responding to criticism. —
  • And I certainly don't recall feeling like I succeeded particularly in stroking my own ego by emblazoning every found object in my room (and the laundry) with my scarlet letter Gs. To this day I am still attracted to things with the letter G on them.
  • Sending out "mixed messages" that arouse interest, deliberately fishing about to see if we can get a little "stroking" - this is toxic, manipulative, adolescent.
  • What a number of men go to India with the best intentions, and set to work at once, flinging their doctrines at the natives before they have learnt in the least to understand what the said natives 'minds are like, or how they work, -- dropping at once upon their pet prejudices, mortally offending them as a preliminary step towards arguing with them; and in short, stroking the cat of society backwards in the most conscientious manner.
  • I don’t expect a bald, scarred supervillain stroking his cat in every Bond film, but I do like it when the two seem like they are evenly matched, either in wits, physicality, or both.


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