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What is the meaning of strong in Hindi?

Meaning of strong in Hindi is : स्वस्थ

Definition of word strong

  • Capable of producing great physical force. (adjective)
  • Capable of withstanding great physical force. (adjective)
  • fast moving water, wind, etc, which has a lot of power. (adjective)
  • Determined; unyielding. (adjective)
  • Highly stimulating to the senses. (adjective)
  • Having an offensive or intense odor or flavor. (adjective)
  • Having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient. (adjective)
  • Having a high alcoholic content. (adjective)
  • Inflecting in a different manner than the one called weak, such as Germanic verbs which change vowels (adjective)
  • Not easily subdued or taken. (adjective)
  • Impressive, good. (adjective)
  • Having a specified number of people or units. (adjective)
  • severe (very bad or intense) (adjective)
  • having a wide range of logical consequences. (adjective)
  • In a strong manner. (adverb)

Examples of word strong

  • -- There is certainly a strong likeness between the Marquis and Lord Darcey; -- _so strong_, that when I first beheld his Lordship I was quite struck with surprize.
  • "_Make him strong, O God, -- make him strong_," requested William Sewall, fervently.
  • They say, poor suitors have strong breaths; they shall know we have _strong arms, too_.
  • The Flexi retractable leash advertised a “strong reliable braking system, ” which I figured I needed for my strong-willed, and strong pulling puppy (weÂ’re working on that in training, but for now, I need something strong and reliable).
  • Other than that, I’m talking about how many different strong flours you can get in the UK; which I’m kind of jealous of I usually pack strong flour in my suitcases whevener I visit British friends – strong flour, extra strong flour… We definitely don’t get flour labelled as ’strong flour’ here in France; may be I’ll have to wait.


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