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What is the meaning of strychnia in Hindi?

Meaning of strychnia in Hindi is : वत्सनाभ (बच्छनाग

Definition of word strychnia

  • strychnine (noun)

Examples of word strychnia

  • The rare exceptions are stimulants such as strychnia, in less marked indications coffee.
  • To these were added great numbers of the fruit which yields a variety of the nux vomica, from which we derive that virulent poison strychnia.
  • It would seem as though silence at a trial would best become gentlemen with such a record, yet they were the only experts who asserted that strychnia was the sole possible cause for the attack of the 24th of
  • It is allowable here to state, however, that not one of the symptoms laid down by authorities as characteristic of strychnia poisoning was present in the attack of the
  • No attempt was made to prove that Mrs. Wharton had at any time in her possession strychnia, the poison alleged to have been used by her.


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