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What is the meaning of stupe in Hindi?

Meaning of stupe in Hindi is : सेंकना

Definition of word stupe

  • a hot, wet medicated cloth or sponge applied externally (noun)

Examples of word stupe

  • I want "stupe" and his fellow travelers to admit it.
  • I actually hunt with a lot of outfitters -- I do all of my own scouting and I hang my own stands -- but I would never hunt with an operation that would stupe to this level to gain financial gain.
  • Now everyone's in this little stupe that "animated stuff is only for kids".
  • Hell, neither of them is a stupe; offer one of them a cabinet post, and get the other one to switch parties.
  • Who the hell is stupe, and why should he/she get to speak for the liberal mindset?
  • "Why would she tell you, stupe?" the peeve demanded.
  • "The Hells I will, that's the Forest of Sorrows, ya stupe!"
  • He walks Outfit and talks Outfit, but he's really just a stupe from Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • He watched Dougie lug his gear into the house -- this carrot-topped stupe about to be world-famous.
  • Nev gawked like any off-world stupe, while Ni Morgana's expression was of delighted appreciation.