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What is the meaning of style in Hindi?

Meaning of style in Hindi is : स्टाइल

Definition of word style

  • A manner of doing things, especially in a fashionable one. (noun)
  • the stalk that connects the stigma(s) to the ovary in a pistil of a flower. (noun)
  • A traditional or legal term preceding a reference to a person who holds a title or post. (noun)
  • A traditional or legal term used to address a person who holds a title or post. (noun)
  • stylus (noun)
  • To create or give a style, fashion or image. (verb)
  • To call or give a name or title. (verb)

Examples of word style

  • In his paper “De la catégorie de style en histoire des sciences” (Gayon 1996), and in the later Gayon 1999, Jean Gayon presents the different usages of Ëœstyleâ„¢ in the historiography of science as falling between two camps (in a way he follows Hacking 1992 here).
  • I began by translating PerraultÂ’s tales, very nearly word for word; because to me his style has always seemed nearly perfect for its purpose; and the essence of “style” in writing is propriety to its purpose.
  • A more appropriate title would be the _direct style, _ as contrasted with the other, or _indirect style_: the peculiarity of the one being, that it conveys each thought into the mind step by step with little liability to error; and of the other, that it gets the right thought conceived by a series of approximations.
  • The military style is, and must ever be essentially _a one-handed style_, for the soldier must have his right hand at liberty for his weapons.
  • 'Rack his style, Madam, _rack his style_?' he said to Queen Elizabeth, as he tells us, when she consulted him -- he being then of her counsel learned, in the case of Dr. Hayward, charged with having written 'the book of the deposing of Richard the Second, and the _coming in_ of


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