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What is the meaning of stylist in Hindi?

Meaning of stylist in Hindi is : साहित्यिक शैल

Definition of word stylist

  • designer (noun)
  • hairdresser (noun)
  • A writer or speaker distinguished for excellence or individuality of style; one who cultivates, or is a master or critic of, literary style. (noun)

Examples of word stylist

  • The term 'stylist' is a reviewer-adjective, one that on the surface makes sense, but really has no - cannot - have uniform definition, it just sounds appropriate for some writers, past and present: Valente, Ducornet, Peake among others.
  • A source told the magazine, "It's very hush-hush," adding the 39-year-old stylist is "telling people she can't travel."
  • I'll say it for the record: Helmut Käutner, as an eloquent narrative stylist, is the peer of his contemporaries William Wyler, Frank Borzage, Michael Powell and Vincente Minnelli.
  • A hair stylist from a French funeral home aimed to give the dead princess the same look she had on the cover of a recent issue of Paris Match.
  • My old stylist is back in town after having disappeared for several years.


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