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What is the meaning of submission in Hindi?

Meaning of submission in Hindi is : सुपुर्दभेजना

Definition of word submission

  • the act of submitting (noun)
  • the thing which has been submitted (noun)
  • A submission hold in wrestling. (noun)

Examples of word submission

  • So it lost money for 55 years and then we changed the strategy and it's been profitable ever since. 2010, the FDA reviewed the entire label as part of a label submission that we had with infantile spasms and has now-the label is completely modernized and the 19 indications look good to us for the future.
  • Getting them wrong in a professional submission is shorthand for "I don't take time and trouble over my work," to which the obvious answer is: "Then why should I?"
  • Objections to the term submission answered -- The effect of Mr. Jefferson's doctrine upon many conscientious persons in the
  • What we have in this submission is an unmistakable call for the full weight of the law to be applied against critics of Israel.
  • My beauty, your submission is adorable if it would only last!


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