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What is the meaning of submissive in Hindi?

Meaning of submissive in Hindi is : विनम्र

Definition of word submissive

  • one who submits (noun)
  • Meekly obedient or passive. (adjective)

Examples of word submissive

    • The City had done a serious effort to take out beggars from the streets, yet the very cold streets were lined with immobile figures frozen in submissive, pleading positions.
    • Saying that to be Christian women have to be submissive is like saying that Christians have to be anti-Semitic because the Gospel of Matthew villanizes Jews, without taking into account his audience or his purpose in writing.
    • The creepy spectacle of watching one warrior after the next insist that we must risk other people's lives and bomb more people so that we don't feel girlish and scared and submissive is repugnant enough, in itself, to have to witness on a daily basis.
    • Golfing sportsman said it best submissive is the way to go, they know what you want out of them, and are eager to please you.
    • She sat still, in submissive patience, her cheek pale with the working of a heart too big for that little body.


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