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What is the meaning of substitute in Hindi?

Meaning of substitute in Hindi is : स्यानापन्न

Definition of word substitute

  • To use in place of something else, with the same function. (verb)
  • In the phrase "substitute X for Y", to use X in place of Y. (verb)
  • In the phrase "substitute X with/by Y", to use Y in place of X. (verb)
  • To remove (a player) from the field of play and bring on another in his place. (verb)
  • To serve as a replacement (for someone or something) (verb)
  • A replacement or stand-in for something that achieves a similar result or purpose. (noun)
  • A player who is available to replace another if the need arises, and who may or may not actually do so. (noun)

Examples of word substitute

  • It may be admitted at once that when the term substitute is interpreted without reference to this basis of fact it lends itself very easily to misconstruction.
  • He would feel the want of you without having the satisfaction of fancying himself ill-used, and ---- for your substitute is altogether as good a Nemesis as one would wish to hear of.
  • On what we call substitute a reputation for decent treatment of minority shareholders so that firms can raise equity finance in the future.
  • Sandra González, a high-school English teacher, said the cuts, which will eliminate most long-term substitute teachers while raising the number of hours teachers must spend in the classroom weekly to 20 from 18, have brought her to the breaking point.
  • Of course, should the elected individual become incapable of fulfilling their Term for any reason, a temporary substitute is assigned per the procedures adopted by the people.


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