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What is the meaning of subzero in Hindi?

Meaning of subzero in Hindi is : शून्य से नीचे

Definition of word subzero

  • Less than zero, most commonly used to refer to temperature. (adjective)

Examples of word subzero

  • Look at all the folks who are in subzero temps right now and still adamantly maintain they need/love the change of seasons so would never move to Mexico.
  • What'll be more impressive is to see him out in subzero weather shaking hands at the L stations.
  • I dropped my first goose in subzero weather when the lower river was frozen over completely (a rare occurrence even in those days).
  • We all want to know if condensation is a problem in subzero temps (just kidding ... sort of).
  • Next fall, designer Nicole Miller will intro-duce a size tentatively called "subzero," for women with 231/2-inch waists (about the circumference of a junior soccer ball) and 35-inch hips.


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