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What is the meaning of succumb in Hindi?

Meaning of succumb in Hindi is : हार मान लेना

Definition of word succumb

  • To yield to an overpowering force or overwhelming desire. (verb)

Examples of word succumb

  • The family agreed to undergo testing to aid the research and though the names of family members who will succumb is known in the laboratories the family agreed they didn't want to be told.
  • There are certain combats in which to be the one to succumb is to claim the honours; -- and that is what women will not learn.
  • Julian Bennett the latest to succumb, which isn't ideal as we only have shuffling or reserve options to cover him.
  • HOLMES: You're telling me that they kind of succumb to PR pressure?
  • Perhaps the use of the word "succumb" may be more appropriate in my case and sex workers 'as well.
  • Mugabe vowed he would not "succumb" to pressure to enter into dialogue with the MDC.