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What is the meaning of suck in in Hindi?

Meaning of suck in in Hindi is :

Definition of word suck in

Examples of word suck in

  • I dinna consort wi 'shoplifters, an' idiots, an 'suckin' bairns -- wi 'long nose, an' short nose, an 'pug nose, an' seventeen Deuks o 'Wellington, let alone a baker's dizen
  • (Then caught some movie: blood an 'suckin'; Stoker-y; Lon Chaney-er) (The sick vid was abhorrent: killin 'chicks in Transylvania)
  • Then short on groovy: crud, an 'suckin'; soak-ery: gone rainier
  • Yeah that would totally make her emotional struggle through life really pour out of the screen. .paint her blue and throw her in the jungle, because folks, the times they are a suckin 'end rant.
  • Too busy suckin' on the consumer teat or chuckin' fire extinguishers abaht now a days ain they?