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What is the meaning of suffer in Hindi?

Meaning of suffer in Hindi is : सहना

Definition of word suffer

  • To undergo hardship. (verb)
  • To feel pain. (verb)
  • To have a disease or condition. (verb)
  • To become worse. (verb)
  • To endure, undergo. (verb)
  • To allow. (verb)
  • Examples of word suffer

    • Speaking at the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in N.w York, President Obama says the world must address climate change now, or what he calls suffer irreversible catastrophe.
    • On one side are the proponents of individual responsibility, who believe that fat people suffer from a surplus of self-indulgence and a shortage of willpower.
    • About 90% of diabetics – 2.5 million people in the UK – suffer from the type 2 condition.
    • Unfortunately, especially since the rise of the Internet, readers suffer from a breadth of choice that terrifies, and much of it (although poor) is free.
    • The GOP seems to suffer from the Reagan delusion that cutting taxes will spur the economy and back-fill for tax cuts.


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