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What is the meaning of sufferer in Hindi?

Meaning of sufferer in Hindi is : रोगी; हानि

Definition of word sufferer

  • One who suffers. (noun)
  • One who is afflicted. (noun)

Examples of word sufferer

    • As a result, besides having to deal with the pain, the chronic pain sufferer also suffers from constantly being
    • One adult, an asthma sufferer, is causing some concern.
    • [1] Annotated in another hand: 'A sufferer from a destructive
    • Dick would be summoned to the lab: an elderly person had stopped breathing in his sleep, or a newborn had died, presumably from SIDS; a long-term sufferer of disease had finally succumbed to disease, or some genetic abnormality had stolen another life.
    • Just recently Sandra at Bookworld (otherwise a nice, thoughful litblog) opined that she had contracted "Bloom Syndrome," a "condition in which the sufferer is unable to read any work of literature unless it is deemed Significant by Harold Bloom and which often results in the reader losing the will to live/read, crushed under the weight of canonical imperatives."


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