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What is the meaning of suffering in Hindi?

Meaning of suffering in Hindi is : व्यथा

Definition of word suffering

  • Experiencing pain. syn. (adjective)
  • The condition of someone who suffers; a state of pain or distress. (noun)
  • Present participle of suffer. (verb)
  • Examples of word suffering

    • He takes the case: '_A negro is a fellow-creature_: therefore, _A negro in suffering is a fellow-creature in suffering_.'
    • But when we speak of suffering, we do not speak of a _dull neglected suffering_, but of _a wise and industrious suffering_, which draweth and contriveth _use and advantage out of that which seemeth adverse and contrary_, which is that properly which we call _accommodating_ or _applying_.
    • Are we yet again suffering from the vagaries of WordPress and its crappy handling of the comments?
    • This doesn't mean that I agree with their decisions, but one thing I can't in good conscience do is claim that they've been lax as UUs when they come to different conclusions or that they are ignoring suffering when they've concluded that what I label suffering and immorality is not suffering or immorality.
    • Governor Aycock lived nearly through his term suffering the inconvenience


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