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What is the meaning of suggest in Hindi?

Meaning of suggest in Hindi is : स‌ंकेत करना

Definition of word suggest

  • To imply but stop short of saying explicitly. (verb)
  • To make one suppose; cause one to suppose (something). (verb)
  • To ask for without demanding. (verb)
  • To recommend. (verb)

Examples of word suggest

  • However, as the title suggest, the blogs also suggest ways of countering "Eurabia" and restoring sanity.
  • As the title suggest is a hive of authors that posting and sharing their fiction with anyone with access to the World Wide Web.
  • It's about as good as the title suggest ie; not very, but there are some corker tracks.
  • All you can do in order to learn Chinese quick, as the title suggest, is to get familiar with the language so as to be able to get your way around.
  • I think not doing so will hurt the poor (which you suggest is code for “racial minority”) in the future, when Social Security as we know it is insolvent.


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