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What is the meaning of suggestively in Hindi?

Meaning of suggestively in Hindi is : सूचित करते हुए

Definition of word suggestively

  • In a suggestive manner. (adverb)

Examples of word suggestively

  • Pitt and Queen Charlotte dangle suggestively from the lamps above the Crown & Anchor sign.
  • That atmosphere has inspired his latest work, Election 08, which depicts the political horse race literally with "suggestively" posed horses representing Presidential Candidates Hilary Clinton & Barack Obama.
  • "suggestively" positioned finger were among gender-related complaints upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority of SA
  • University student Amna recalls one of her teachers "patting our backs, touching our hands and staring at us suggestively."
  • When she wriggled suggestively in his lap, he scowled at her and said something in her ear that sent her flouncing away with a huff.


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