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What is the meaning of summon in Hindi?

Meaning of summon in Hindi is : सम्मन देना

Definition of word summon

  • To call people together; to convene. (verb)
  • To ask someone to come; to send for. (verb)
  • To order someone to appear in court, especially by issuing a summons. (verb)

Examples of word summon

  • Maybe we don't have the will to go it alone, but that doesn't mean we're technically or financially incapable of doing so were we to some how once again summon up the will to do great things.
  • The only explanation I can summon is that this is meant to appeal to the stereotypical geek who lives in his mom's basement.
  • That is why I again summon you to declare if you still persist in your denials, and in forgetting the motives for this assembling of troops.
  • So you, de Marmont, had best go straight away to the Hôtel de Ville and in my name summon the préfet to appear before me.
  • But his crimes should make void his work, the shame of his child rape should tarnish his entire life and make even mention of his name summon a feeling of scorn.


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