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What is the meaning of sup in Hindi?

Meaning of sup in Hindi is : सुड़कना

Definition of word sup

  • supremum (noun)
  • To sip; to take a small amount of food or drink into the mouth, especially with a spoon. (verb)
  • A sip; a small amount of food or drink. (noun)
  • what's up (either as a greeting or actual question). (interjection)
  • To take supper. (verb)

Examples of word sup

  • The _Future Tense_ expresses the Time to come; as _I shall sup, I will sup_.
  • My main sup makes it clear to the co-sups that she makes the decisions and when things get out of hand I just get her to sort things out.
  • Shin Jang-sup is an economics professor at the National University of Singapore and previously was an adviser to the South Korean Ministry of Finance.
  • “They need to be told what their priorities are - and safety of the public comes first, particularly if they wish to sup from the public teat”
  • One Brow: HGT does not necessarily result in sup-optimal sperm.


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