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What is the meaning of superb in Hindi?

Meaning of superb in Hindi is : शानदार

Definition of word superb

  • first-rate; of the highest quality; exceptionally good (adjective)
  • haughty (adjective)

Examples of word superb

  • Suzanne, Doug's wife, a superb, but I really mean _superb _blonde on the classic Hollywood pattern, had stood up and said, "All right, girls."
  • That is what we call a superb message board, I barely care to read out an entire forum section but this message board was successful in getting my interest and trust me, That?
  • In doing so, the authors will attempt to determine whether the U.S. government's characterization of Vietnamese cooperation as "superb" is warranted.
  • To his superb (both in the ordinary sense in which the word superb means "superb" and in the Corrine Brown sense in which the word superb means "superior") arguments I would add only one further point in support of the proper position:
  • Tomorrow, we are venturing out into the Mekong Delta, where, after two restful nights in superb accommodations, we will be bedding down in decidedly less luxurious digs.


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