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What is the meaning of supplement in Hindi?

Meaning of supplement in Hindi is : संपूरक/परिशिष्ट

Definition of word supplement

Examples of word supplement

  • Laurie Taylor's satirical column about the University of Poppleton, written for the Times Higher Education Supplement, is a lot nearer the mark:
  • The 2006 Supplement is also available, which includes Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and coverage of the NSA controversy and presidential signing statements.
  • Catching up on emails, a translation into English that I did of one of Jesus Encinar's poems has been accepted by the WINDY CITY TIMES for their annual Pride Literary Supplement, which is nice, in general, and especially apropos news to receive during a gay poetry translation workshop ...
  • They are well known as Supplement Four [applause] without whose completion we could not set the factory in motion.
  • With regard to this English version of Joinville's book, the translation is based on Francisque Michel's edition of the fourteenth-century manuscript known as Supplement 20 I 6, Bibliothèque royale.


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