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What is the meaning of support in Hindi?

Meaning of support in Hindi is : स‌ंभालना

Definition of word support

  • Something which supports. Often used attributively, as a complement or supplement to. (noun)
  • Financial or other help. (noun)
  • Answers to questions and resolution of problems regarding something sold. (noun)
  • in relation to a function, the set of points where the function is not zero, or the closure of that set. (noun)
  • A set whose elements are at least partially included in a given fuzzy set (i.e., whose grade of membership in that fuzzy set is strictly greater than zero). (noun)
  • To keep from falling. (verb)
  • To answer questions and resolve problems regarding something sold. (verb)
  • To back a cause, party etc. mentally or with concrete aid. (verb)
  • To help, particularly financially. (verb)
  • To serve, as in a customer-oriented mindset; to give support to. (verb)
  • To be accountable for, or involved with, but not responsible for. (verb)

Examples of word support

  • Approximately one in every two (52%) adults say they would support increasing NASA’s budget from  one-sixth of one percent to one percent of the federal budget (14% strongly support and 38% support  this).
  • Then one after another, amid rising enthusiasm; Ukrainean Social Democracy, support; Lithuanian Social Democracy, support; Populist Socialists, support; Polish Social Democracy, support; Polish Socialists support—but would prefer a Socialist coalition; Lettish Social Democracy, supportÂ….
  • Here, they're all playing nicely at moguldom and at mentoring, professing a commitment to nurturing talent and using the term "support system" in a way that splits the difference between the jargon of self-help and the language of networking.
  • Obama and Democratic leaders seek a solution that could win support from a Republican or two, and more importantly, help bridge a divide among Democrats on the public option issue.
  • I just hope that this resolution weaves its way throughout the local Districts, and can gain support from the County.


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