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What is the meaning of supportive in Hindi?

Meaning of supportive in Hindi is : सहयोग देनेवाला

Definition of word supportive

  • Providing support. (adjective)

Examples of word supportive

  • He also liked the leg length and the construction of the paneling, which he called supportive and comfortable.
  • Mr. Talabani said the transition would be gradual and coalition forces will play what he called a supportive role.
  • The only thing you can really do is what we call supportive care, make sure someone's breathing okay, their heart is functioning OK, and obviously get them away from the radiation source if at all possible.
  • African-Americans remain supportive of President Obama, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey.
  • "They remain supportive of my efforts to seek professional help, and I will be a better person as a result," he said in his statement.


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