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What is the meaning of supposing in Hindi?

Meaning of supposing in Hindi is :

Definition of word supposing

  • Present participle of suppose. (verb)

Examples of word supposing

  • ‘Well, supposing that’s so, ’ said Levin, though he did not suppose so at all, ‘supposing that is so, still I don’t see, all the same, what I’m to worry myself about it for.
  • "Indeed," said mamma, "and supposing, just _supposing_ Miss Ellis couldn't come too, would it spoil your pleasure very much?"
  • Until you present such a theory any 'supposing' is pointless.
  • Our correspondent errs through over zeal, in supposing that our former notice was written in the spirit of detraction.
  • EMOTIONAL MISAPPREHENSION: in supposing that immediate relief for the poor, and the working poor, is born of jealousy and hatred of the rich.


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