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What is the meaning of surly in Hindi?

Meaning of surly in Hindi is : रूखा

Definition of word surly

  • Lordly, arrogant, supercilious. (adjective)
  • Irritated, bad-tempered, unfriendly. (adjective)
  • Threatening, menacing, gloomy. (adjective)
  • In an arrogant or supercilious manner. (adverb)

Examples of word surly

  • In no way a cuddly cowboy Woody, Josh Brolin as the title surly supernatural gunslinger is a very different kind of settler dodging bullets across the wild west, or rather deep south, settling old scores and new ones that may not have even arrived,
  • Sam swiped his hands through the tight curls on his head, his expression surly.
  • * I hadn't spent a considerable amount of time around this team since the summer of 2007, when a certain surly left fielder was taking aim at the all-time home run record, and let's suffice it to say the clubhouse is very different now.
  • I called surly strangers in Ohio and hate-filled racists in Pennsylvania,
  • But no matter what price you get on a firearm, Scott, his unnamed and nasty brother, and certain surly staff members including "Derek" always leaves me with the impression that I was either cheated or manhandled by unwashed hands.


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