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What is the meaning of sustain in Hindi?

Meaning of sustain in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word sustain

Examples of word sustain

  • Solihull Sustain, which is the umbrella organisation for the voluntary sector in Solihull, helped to broker this relationship through a project to support local community organisations by developing links with the local business sector.
  • Over Singha beer, they joked about an imaginary psychoactive medication called Sustain, meant to cure "activist burnout."
  • Sustain, which is managing the Capital Bee campaign for the Mayor, said: There has been no research into how much forage different pollinators need, so it's impossible to say how many hives London can support.
  • The hardship fund, called Sustain, will come from the Arts Council's unused lottery millions, a pot of money that it has, in the past, been criticised for not using.
  • Nice start, not sure Kellogg's naming the cereal 'Sustain' was a good marketing choice.


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