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What is the meaning of suture in Hindi?

Meaning of suture in Hindi is : सीवन

Definition of word suture

  • Seam formed by sewing two edges (especially of skin) together. (noun)
    दो किनारों (विशेषकर त्वचा के) को एक साथ सिलाई करके बनाई गई सीवन।
  • to sew up or join by means of a suture (verb)
    सीवन के माध्यम से सीना या जुड़ना

Examples of word suture

    • errr..suture to real patient okey! but i just learned it once and never practicing it even on the suture kit.
    • Each stitch of the continuous suture is made larger on the vein than on the artery, and the size of the vein is thus progressively reduced and a good union ensured.
    • The union produced by the suture is so exact that the scar resulting from the junction of the extremities of the vessels is in consequence very slight, and in some cases the medias become directly united without the interposition of any fibrous tissue.
    • Although the suture is difficult on very small vessels, it has, nevertheless, been used with success in the transfusion of the blood in infants.
    • It was necessary to calculate the exact length of the vascular pedicle, for tension on an arterial or venous suture is a dangerous thing.
    • At birth the bone consists of two pieces, separated by the frontal suture, which is usually obliterated, except at its lower part, by the eighth year, but occasionally persists throughout life.
    • The large bone fragment that arrived late at the autopsy arose immediately anterior to the coronal suture, which is faintly seen here.
    • Shell large, rather thin, turbinated, spu*e elevated, convex; whorls numerous, rounded on the angle, rudely nodose and sloping to the suture, which is sharply cut but irregular.
    • The omentum has both its starting-point and its attachment, with ambidental vivipara, in the centre of the stomach, where the stomach has a kind of suture; in non-ambidental vivipara it has its starting-point and attachment in the chief of the ruminating stomachs.