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What is the meaning of swarming in Hindi?

Meaning of swarming in Hindi is : वृक्ष या पहाडी पर चढनेवाला

Definition of word swarming

  • The action of a swarm. (noun)
  • A crime where an unsuspecting innocent bystander is attacked by several culprits at once, with no known motive. (noun)
  • Present participle of swarm. (verb)

Examples of word swarming

  • For many, the answer has come in "swarming", a practice where hundreds of aliens line up on one side of the border, dozens of Border Patrol on the other, and everyone runs like hell, figuring that at least a few will get through.
  • With Santonio Holmes 'punt returns setting up two touchdown runs by Troy Smith, and the defense swarming from the second play on, the Buckeyes rolled over San Diego State 27-6 on Saturday.
  • Such swarming is most apt to occur on a warm, humid afternoon with little wind that in turn occurs 24 hours after at least a moderate rainfall.
  • I thought Derrick McKey did a good job in swarming the basketball to take away the passer's vision, then he was able to get back and get his hands on Murray's shot.
  • However, by the 1960s, new forms of covert regime change emerged along the lines that RAND studies called "swarming" - the idea being to develop social manipulation techniques or disruptive outbreaks short of wars or violent uprisings.


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