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What is the meaning of sweet in Hindi?

Meaning of sweet in Hindi is : स्वादिष्ट

Definition of word sweet

Examples of word sweet

  • A spicy soy-sauce based sweet and sour sauce served over potatoes and garnished with mango, that's the game plan for the recipe of Sweet and Sour Potatoes with Mango that Mansi has created at Fun and Food.
  • It would not be an exaggeration to say that two of these ministers in particular, James Francis Jones, who was known as Prophet Jones, and Charles Manuel Grace, who operated under the moniker Sweet Daddy Grace, were the most popular religious figures among the black working class in the 1940s and 1950s, even more popular than the rising group of ministers who would lead the civil rights movement.
  • Depicting a man with a bald pate and broad smile, with messages such as "Nouvelle Haiti" and "Bienvenue au pouvoir" stenciled painstakingly next to them, the murals' optimism belies the intense political struggles of the first three months of the rule of Michel Martelly, a well-known singer who performed under the moniker Sweet Micky.
  • Nanora Sweet is a member of the English Department and Institute for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Missouri-St.
  • It's always sonny Olson's real-life pregnancy — she and hubby (and costar) Rob McElhenney had a baby boy this summer — will be milked for major laughs this season, starting with tonight's Halloween whodunit episode all about the bun in Sweet Dee's oven.


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