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What is the meaning of sweetheart in Hindi?

Meaning of sweetheart in Hindi is : सुंदर युवती

Definition of word sweetheart

  • A person who is always very kind. (noun)
  • A person very much liked or loved by someone, especially when both partners are young. (noun)
  • A casual sexual partner that is exclusive to the men of one fraternity; a slam piece. (noun)

Examples of word sweetheart

  • The word sweetheart had given her a sickening feeling.
  • His use of the word sweetheart nearly caused her to slap him again.
  • At the word sweetheart, her red lips had parted on a gasp and tears had misted her hazel eyes.
  • It was much approved, and my brother whispered me that the fair Geraldine, for so my Lord of Surrey calls his sweetheart, is the finest woman of the age.
  • We know for a fact that we've asked for information around the contracts, these special deals, what we call the sweetheart deal, and this has not been forthcoming, both from government and from Eskom itself.


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