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What is the meaning of sweetness in Hindi?

Meaning of sweetness in Hindi is : सुगंध

Definition of word sweetness

  • The condition of being sweet or sugary. (noun)
  • A pleasant disposition; kindness. (noun)

Examples of word sweetness

    • III. ii.25 (69,1) tun'd too sharp in sweetness] -- and _too sharp in sweetness_,] So the folio and all modern editions; but the quarto more accurately,
    • Nonconformists in walking staunchly by the best light they have, and desire to take no whit from it, we seek to add to this what we call sweetness and light, and develope their full humanity more perfectly; and to seek this is certainly not to be the enemy of the
    • To get rid of one's ignorance, to see things as they are, and by seeing them as they are to see them in their beauty, is the simple and attractive ideal which Hellenism holds out before human nature; and from the simplicity and charm of this ideal, Hellenism, and human life in the hands of Hellenism, is invested with a kind of aërial ease, clearness, and radiancy; they are full of what we call sweetness and light.
    • Their sweetness is like the sweetness of bread, and to have discovered this palatableness in this neglected nut, the whole world is to me the sweeter for it.
    • The finished sauce has a nice tang to it and a good amount of sweetness from the cranberry sauce.


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