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What is the meaning of swell in Hindi?

Meaning of swell in Hindi is : हिलकोरा मारना

Definition of word swell

  • A long series of ocean waves, generally produced by wind, and lasting after the wind has ceased. (noun)
  • To become bigger, especially due to being engorged. (verb)
  • Excellent. (adjective)

Examples of word swell

  • * I have decided that "swell" is the word for February.
  • From the head of the lawn, on the first soft swell from the valley-level, looked down the deep-porched, many-windowed house.
  • To let his brain swell and keep the blood flowing, thereby preventing the damage from worsening, doctors removed virtually the entire left side of his skull, a procedure known as a craniectomy.
  • HURRAY – looks like a grassroots swell is a-comin '!!!
  • A night of calm, when sleep is well-nigh impossible in the sultry, muggy air, may be followed by a day of blazing sun and an oily swell from the south'ard, connoting great gales in that area of ocean we are sailing toward -- or all day long the Elsinore, under an overcast sky, royals and sky sails furled, may plunge and buck under wind-pressure into a short and choppy head-sea.
  • I'm all for a sound and reasoned approach to any health and govt budget concerns, but what has been allowed to naturally and artificially swell is so close to a forest fire that the extremist who started it should face some type of charge and not a "Thank you" from like winged.
  • The first native to surf a German swell is said to have been Uwe Drath, a lifeguard on Sylt, in 1952.