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What is the meaning of swell in Hindi?

Meaning of swell in Hindi is : हिलकोरा मारना

Definition of word swell

Examples of word swell

  • * We informed Myra that we believe that the marriage of Hill and the Media Messiah Imperial President was a marriage of convince, made in Swell, that was about [18M] Million votes, and that from what we can see there seems to be trouble in Paradise.
  • Now, we all knew that the political wedding between the Imperial Media Messiah President and Park Ridge Bee-Itch, was one made in Swell, and we all knew that sooner or later the Battle Royal would ensue, and here it is.
  • I immediately wanted to make such a hat, and had seen a pattern on knitty before called Swell, and so began enthusiastically.
  • Cut to 2009: Hansard and Irglová, backed by The Frames, are playing sold-out shows under the name The Swell Season at legendary venues like Radio City Music Hall.
  • Now the tandem, known as The Swell Season, is currently touring North America.


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