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What is the meaning of swerved in Hindi?

Meaning of swerved in Hindi is :

Definition of word swerved

  • Simple past tense and past participle of swerve. (verb)

Examples of word swerved

  • Now he went forth this day to his garden, to refresh himself amongst its trees and pluck the ripe fruits, when this young man slew him wrongously and swerved from the road of righteousness; wherefore we demand of thee the retribution of his crime and call upon thee to pass judgement upon him, according to the commandment of Allah.
  • MZ Hutchinson has never once swerved from the party line.
  • He struggled with a variety of strategies for realizing that principle, from gradual, compensated emancipation to outright abolition, but he never for a moment swerved from the principle.
  • But Dolly swerved from the road and dashed down a grassy slope yellowed with innumerable mariposa lilies.
  • The 52nd were not beat back, but swerved from the redoubt into a ravine, for they could not carry it. 39 While lying under my horse, I saw one of the enemy jump on the parapet of the works in an undaunted manner and in defiance of our attack, when suddenly he started straight up into the air, really a considerable height, and fell headlong into the ditch.


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