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What is the meaning of swiftly in Hindi?

Meaning of swiftly in Hindi is : शीघ्रता से

Definition of word swiftly

  • In a swift manner; quickly; with quick motion or velocity; fleetly (adverb)

Examples of word swiftly

  • And through a now familiar combination of bigger headlines and brasher stories, his title swiftly came to dominate the market.
  • The spike in gold and silver prices to unexpected new highs so swiftly is evidence of the weakness in sovereign currencies and their economies.
  • And now one, and now another, bled swiftly from the mouth and died.
  • He had passed swiftly through Cambridge and Oxford to become a leading Anglican theologian and had risen equally swiftly from a small bishopric in Wales to the seat of Canterbury.
  • And rather than win swiftly and brutally as we had with a mighty Japanese Empire, LBJ fought Vietnam as the conflicted war president he was, babbling on about building “a Great Society on the Mekong.”


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