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What is the meaning of swollen in Hindi?

Meaning of swollen in Hindi is : सूजा हुआ

Definition of word swollen

  • Past participle of swell (verb)

Examples of word swollen

  • On examining the right hypochondrium, which he described as swollen, there was evident indication of an enlarged liver, and he complained much of shooting pain in that region during a paroxysm of cough.
  • "Look at how my mouth sticks out," he said of what he described as his swollen face.
  • His face was iced up and swollen from the protracted effort of twenty-four hours, while his hands were so swollen that he could not close the fingers.
  • We had 2.5 weeks of newborn pics from before and … if the worst happened … we didn't want to remember him swollen from the steroids, with IVs in his skull, a central line in his leg, him in a medically induced coma with a machine breathing for him … Egads.
  • There are pictures of me as a child with my eye all swollen from a bug bite.