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What is the meaning of symbol in Hindi?

Meaning of symbol in Hindi is : सदृश होना

Definition of word symbol

  • A character or glyph representing an idea, concept or object. (noun)
  • Any object, typically material, which is meant to represent another (usually abstract) even if there is no meaningful relationship. (noun)
  • A type of noun whereby the form refers to the same entity independently of the context; a symbol arbitrarily denotes a referent. See also icon and index. (noun)
  • A summary of a dogmatic statement of faith. (noun)
  • Visible traces or impressions, made using a writing device or tool, that are connected together and/or are slightly separated. Sometimes symbols represent objects or events that occupy space or things that are not physical and do not occupy space. (noun)
  • To symbolize. (verb)

Examples of word symbol

  • Moreover it is quite clear that while, as will be shown hereafter, the symbol of the cross had for ages been a Pagan symbol of Life, it can, as already stated, scarcely be said to have become a Christian _symbol_ before the days of Constantine.
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  • "Not at all," said Freeborn; "that was Melancthon's doctrine; he explained away a cardinal truth into a mere matter of words; he made faith a mere symbol, but this is a departure from the pure gospel: faith is the _instrument_, not a _symbol_ of justification.
  • The term symbol is so demeaning ... it conjures up images of strange fruit in trees as a SYMBOL of what white southerns would do to black males.
  • We recommend such a receiver-oriented, empirical approach to naming an innovation, so that the word symbol for a new idea has the desired meaning for the intended audience.


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