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What is the meaning of symbolic in Hindi?

Meaning of symbolic in Hindi is : सांकेतिक

Definition of word symbolic

  • Pertaining to a symbol. (adjective)
  • Referring to something with an implicit meaning. (adjective)

Examples of word symbolic

    • Many others followed Drucker; Robert Reich coined the phrase "symbolic analysts" much the same as Drucker's "knowledge workers" for those trained to use information in a way that allowed them to thrive in a shifting, information-rich networked world.
    • Nomos Alpha, from 1966, is an example of what he called symbolic music, in which the order of musical events is determined according to mathematical rules, while Kottos, composed 11 years later, is a portrait of one of the giants from Greek mythology who fought with Zeus against the Titans.
    • The whole symbolism thing would be stupid and meaningless, except that the symbolic is at least as important as the substantial to the pathologically biased and absurd human being.
    • President Calderon comparing the fence on our southern border to quote, "the Berlin Wall", saying that Mexicans in the United States are what he calls symbolic hostages of the illegal immigration issue.
    • Commission for the provision of what it described as symbolic reparations.


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