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What is the meaning of symbolism in Hindi?

Meaning of symbolism in Hindi is : संकेतवाद

Definition of word symbolism

  • Representation of a concept through symbols or underlying meanings of objects or qualities. (noun)
  • A combining together of parts or ingredients. (noun)

Examples of word symbolism

    • But we now arrive at a higher division of masonic symbolism, which, passing beyond these tangible symbols, brings us to those which are of a more abstruse nature, and which, as being developed in a ceremonial form, controlled and directed by the ritual of the order, may be designated as the _ritualistic symbolism_ of Freemasonry.
    • The name symbolism is also entirely French, referring to Mlle.
    • Still, the term symbolism did not catch on in Germany as a name for any specific poetic group, though Hofmannsthal, e.g., in “Das Gespräch über Gedichte” (1903), pro - claimed the symbol the one element necessary in po - etry.
    • However, ornamental and architectural forms frequently do convey a meaning, which we term symbolism in art.
    • In these remarks translated from Portuguese, the Brazilian leader referred to what she described as the symbolism of the first meeting between Brazil's first female president, and the first African-American president of the United States.


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