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What is the meaning of symbolize in Hindi?

Meaning of symbolize in Hindi is : प्रतीक होना

Definition of word symbolize

  • To be symbolic of; to represent. (verb)

Examples of word symbolize

  • Neither glamorous enough to be New York nor glitzy enough to be Los Angeles, what San Antonio has come to symbolize is a basketball team that has never needed a marquee or spotlight to prosper.
  • If it does, I fear greatly for the future of my country, for the new Republican party that Bush appears to symbolize is a toxic combination of plutocracy, intolerance, and foreign misadventure.
  • "Eggs symbolize fertility, and the Chinese word for shrimp sounds like the word for laughter and smile, which is great for a relationship," said Ming Tsai.
  • At a deeper level, however, the books are very different, and their titles symbolize the difference.
  • These days, gold-wrapped chocolate coins symbolize wealth.


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